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Mobi-C Device Helps Patients With Neck Pain

Patients who have bulging or damaged discs in their necks have a new option for treatment at Saint Francis Medical Center: the Mobi-C® Cervical Disc. Doctors can now use this artificial disc to treat an even larger range of neck problems.

The bones that form the spine are cushioned by round, flat discs. When those discs become damaged, they can bulge out, or herniate, and cause pain and weakness in the neck, arms and shoulders. Doctors first treat herniated discs with conservative measures such as physical therapy and medications. When these treatments fail, surgery is the next step. There are two main types of surgery: disc fusion and disc replacement.

With disc fusion, the surgeon removes the diseased disc completely and places a spacer or plastic implant between the adjacent bones to restore disc height. A metal plate and screws are used to hold the implant in place, and the bones are fused together. While this procedure reduces pain, it can severely limit movement.

Artificial disc replacement involves replacing the diseased disc with a prosthetic disc, such as the Mobi-C, that allows the neck to retain normal motion.

Brandon J. Scott, DO
Brandon J. Scott, DO

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the Mobi-C for use on two levels of the spine. “That means that when you have more than one damaged disc in your neck, we can solve the problem with just one surgery,” says Brandon J. Scott, DO, neurosurgeon at Saint Francis. “The Mobi-C is the only device approved for use on two adjacent discs. It contains a special type of technology that allows you to move your neck just as you did before the surgery.”

“This device is also designed to reduce the friction between the bone and implant, which means you will barely notice you have an artificial device in your neck,” Scott continues.

Ultimately, patients who undergo cervical disc replacement using the Mobi-C will have a shorter hospital stay, less pain and a quicker recovery than they would with other types of surgery.

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