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Mother Brings Two Young Children to Same Pediatrician She Saw as a Child

The Shuh Family

The Shuh Family

Rachel Shuh is a caring mother who wants the best for her children. When she found out she was expecting her first child, she knew exactly which pediatrician and which pediatric group she wanted to take her new little one to for medical care.

Dr. Jean Diemer treated Rachel and her siblings when she was a child. Dr. Diemer treated Rachel’s sister for a serious renal disorder so she knew Dr. Diemer and Cape Physician Associates Pediatrics would take great care of her own children.

Jean Diemer, MD, FAAP
Jean Diemer, MD, FAAP

“I was in tears of joy when I found out we could get in to see her,” Rachel said. “You can just tell she loves kids so much,” Rachel said. Knowing how much she cares makes Rachel feel comfortable to have Dr. Diemer as her children’s pediatrician.

The nurse who provided care to Rachel as a child continues to provide care at the office as well. Noah who is 3 ½ years old and Lucas who is 3 months old are fortunate to have the same team of healthcare providers that Rachel had as a child. Having a pediatrician and pediatric group she can trust takes one thing off this young mother’s mind.

“I have never doubted for a second anything Dr. Diemer says,” Rachel said. “She’s upfront and honest every single time. She’s just the ‘bee’s knees’ to me!”

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