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Nasal Obstruction

Your nose serves the important functions of warming, filtering and humidifying air and smelling. When you have a nasal obstruction that blocks those functions, it can affect your daily life.

The simplest reason for a nasal obstruction is congestion of the mucosa, or specialized lining of the nose. This can be due to a viral infection or allergies, and can be treated with either avoidance of the allergens, antihistamines or a nasal spray.

When the problem does not go away, you may have an inflammation or an anatomical problem. “Some people live with nasal obstruction because they think there is no easy solution,” says D. Curtis Coonce, MD, FACS, otolaryngologist,  Saint Francis Medical Partner.Coonce_Curtis-2012_6508 “But often we can treat the problem medically. When we do need to perform surgery to straighten a deviated septum, patients are pleasantly surprised at how simple it is.”

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