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New Options Treat Cancer 

People who fall victim of cancer have many more options for treatment, thanks to advances in immunotherapy and targeted therapies.

Immunotherapy consists of treatments that stimulate the immune response to fight cancer. “Previously, there were no good treatments for melanoma,” says Carlos Robles, MD, medical oncologist/hematologist, Saint Francis Medical Partner. “These immunological drugs help your body control the disease on its own, extending your life by years. We now are using immunotherapy for lung, kidney, bladder, head and neck cancers as well, to great results.”

Targeted therapies, such as biological therapy, can kill cancer cells without causing all the side effects of chemotherapy. “Patients who have specific molecular defects can undergo targeted oral therapy and have a much better quality of life than those who need intravenous chemotherapy,” says Robles. “This is a new territory for treatment that is expanding every day in areas such as breast, lung, stomach, colon and melanoma, allowing us to help more and more patients.”

For more information on cancer treatment options, call 573-331-3000 or visit our Cancer Institute webpage.

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