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NICU Saves Babies’ Lives

Some parents know before birth that their baby will need extra help in its first few weeks of life. But other times, complications can arise unexpectedly. Birth depression occurs when a baby does not receive enough oxygen and blood during delivery, and it can happen due to a variety of factors.

“Because Saint Francis has a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), we are equipped to help babies born with birth depression,” says Laura E. Al-Sayed, MD, FAAP, neonatologist, Saint Francis Medical Partner. “At birth, infants may require resuscitation, including support of respiratory and cardiac function. If an infant has had a significant event and/or has an abnormal exam, we will generally use a cooling blanket (hypothermia) for 72 hours after birth to slow metabolism and hopefully prevent further brain damage during recovery.”

Dr. Laura E. Al-Sayed, MD, FAAP
Dr. Laura E. Al-Sayed, MD, FAAP

“In addition to continued intensive support and developmental therapy during their hospitalization, these infants are also followed in our NICU Developmental Clinic until 18 months of age,” continues Al-Sayed.

For more information about Saint Francis’ Level III NICU, talk to your obstetrician or visit our NICU page.

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