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Is Overactive Bladder Disrupting Your Life?

Overactive bladder is a condition in which you frequently and suddenly feel the need to urinate. This problem could disrupt your professional and social life, as well as your sleep. “Overactive bladder could lead to urge incontinence – when you sometimes leak urine – or it could simply be an annoyance in your everyday life,” says Vincenzo Galati, DO, FACS, board certified urologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “However, it is not a normal part of aging, and can be treated.”

Galati_VincenzoFirst, Galati says, doctors find out whether patients are experiencing any other problems. “For example,” he says, “someone who is constipated may have the symptoms of  overactive bladder, but giving them medication for overactive bladder will only make their symptoms and constipation worse.”

Treatment starts with behavior modification, which includes limiting the four C’s: caffeine, chocolate, citrus fruits and carbonated beverages. Pelvic floor exercises and medications can also help. When conservative methods fail, minimally invasive treatments are available.

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