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Symptoms of Gallstones

While gallstones can cause sudden, intense pain in the upper right quadrant or pit of your stomach, sometimes they do not produce such obvious symptoms. In these cases, you may think you are experiencing indigestion when you actually have a gallstone. Rafid J. Hussein, DO “You may have... Read more

Treating Pain in the SI Joint

The sacroiliac (SI) joint, located at the junction of the spine and pelvis, does not move much, but it is an important transitional point between the upper and lower parts of your body. Pain in the SI joint usually occurs as a result of overuse or... Read more

Helping You Lose – 10 At Home Exercises

Despite what health club commercials would have you believe, there are plenty of fat-burning exercises you can do at home. Not only do they build muscle and help trim you down, these exercises fit into any schedule. Pushups - One of the best overall exercises, the key... Read more

Minimally Invasive Procedure to Treat BPH

As a man grows older, his prostate becomes bigger—a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). As this occurs, the prostate can block the flow of urine out of the bladder, and the man may experience urinary problems such as a slow stream, incomplete emptying, the... Read more

Fighting Seasonal Allergies

If you experience seasonal allergies in the spring, fall or both, it is a good idea to start taking medications several weeks before your allergies are due to begin. “Taking medications before you even begin experiencing symptoms stabilizes the allergic response,” says Robert W. Dodson, MD,... Read more

Thyroid Disease: Small Gland, Big Trouble

The thyroid is a small gland in the neck that plays a major role in regulating the body’s metabolism. If it produces the wrong amount of hormones – either too much or too little – various systems in the body will not function properly. With an overactive... Read more

Deep, Barky Cough Might Mean Croup

There is the proverbial “frog in the throat,” and then there is the croup, which often sounds more like a barking seal in the throat. Due to its bark-like cough, noisy breathing (stridor) and agitated crying, this inflammatory condition of the upper airways is scary for... Read more

Walking Without Pain: Treatment for Foot Problems

Conditions such as bunions, corns and hammertoes may seem more annoying than dangerous, but if you continue to ignore such a problem, it could affect the way you walk which in turn could lead to knee, hip and lower back pain. “In many cases, fixing one... Read more

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Abdominal Pain

If you are experiencing persistent abdominal pain, your doctor may order an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogram (ERCP), a test that uses a flexible scope and X-ray images to examine the tubes that drain your gallbladder, liver and pancreas. “ERCP is a minimally invasive way to remove stones... Read more

Tonsil Cancer Has Many Signs

Tonsil cancer is a type of throat cancer that occurs in one of the three types of tonsils in the throat. The major risk factors for this type of cancer include smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol. People with human papillomavirus (HPV) also are at greater... Read more

Relationship-based Care at Saint Francis

At Saint Francis Medical Center, staff members focus on relationship-based care in all they do. This means they are focused on creating a greater bond with their patients, their patients’ families and their co-workers. “Relationship-based care is a model of care that incorporates professionalism, teamwork and... Read more

Vaccinations Before College

As your child prepares for college, make sure he or she is up to date on all necessary vaccinations. They include: TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, commonly called "whooping cough") – “We know from studies that the pertussis vaccinations we receive as young children eventually wear off,”... Read more

Stop Back Pain Before It Starts

Back pain is not necessarily a normal part of aging. You can stop back pain before it starts by following these tips: Maintain good core strength. “If you regularly exercise your abdominal muscles, that can give you enough strength to counteract any potential back issues,” says Patrick... Read more

“Buddy” Therapy Brightens Rehab

When you’re in rehab, it helps to have a buddy. Patients at Saint Francis Medical Center’s Inpatient Rehabilitation program get just what they need from rehab’s four-legged friend, a 5-year old golden retriever, fittingly named Buddy. Buddy, a Cape Girardeau Pet Pal and American Kennel Club Canine... Read more

Check for – and Lower – High Cholesterol

High cholesterol can be a risk factor for both heart disease and stroke, which is why you should have your cholesterol checked regularly. If it is too high, you need to take steps to lower it. High cholesterol is defined as a total cholesterol level of 200 milligrams... Read more

Stop Gas and Bloating

If you are experiencing unusually long-lasting or uncomfortable gas and bloating, tell your doctor right away. It could be a symptom of a bigger problem. “Bloating is one of the main symptoms of celiac disease, an autoimmune digestive disease that damages the small intestine,” says Rafid... Read more

Treating Your Child’s Head Lice

Head lice? Head to the doctor. “If a child has head lice, the parents might notice an itchy scalp, small red bumps or sores from scratching,” says Beverly L. Brown, MD, FAAP, pediatrician at Saint Francis Medical Center. “They might see the tiny lice (no bigger... Read more

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