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Watch Infants for Signs of Autism

Autism has increased tenfold in the last 40 years. So, too, have questions like: “What is autism?” and “How do I know if my child has it?” “The definition of autism is complex, since autism spectrum disorder includes several disorders of neural development,” says Andrew Godbey, MD,... Read more

Prenatal Care Keeps Mom and Baby Healthy

If you’re pregnant – or want to become pregnant – regular medical care is crucial. When planning your pregnancy, be sure to see your physician for preconceptual counseling. “Meet with your physician prior to conception to review your family history, medical history and medications that could potentially... Read more

Acid Reflux Requires Action

Acid reflux burns. This occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter is incompetent, resulting in acid fluxing up from the stomach into the esophagus, causing symptoms of  heartburn, indigestion, stomach pain and nausea – which can be severe enough to interfere with daily functioning. Rafid J. Hussein, DO “Acid... Read more

Ignoring Back Pain Can Set You Back

Slipped, ruptured, herniated, prolapsed – whatever you call a damaged disk, when you get one, you need to call your physician. “All up and down your spinal column, disks provide cushion between your vertebrae,” says Brandon J. Scott, DO, neurosurgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center. “When one of these... Read more

Infected, Inflammatory: Sepsis Is Serious

Don’t ignore that infection. If left untreated, it could lead to sepsis, which Bindu Finnell, MD, hospitalist at Saint Francis Medical Center, defines as "an infection all over your body." This toxic, life-threatening infection causes inflammation and a host of other symptoms: high fever or severely... Read more

Low Blood Sugar Shock Is Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, can happen in an instant – and not just to people with diabetes. “Hypoglycemia is typically linked to diabetes, but not always,” says Ahmad Z. Sheikh, MD, FACE, ECNU, CCD, endocrinologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “A person’s blood glucose can drop... Read more

Helping You Lose – Avoiding the Inevitable Bad Diet Day

Cake happens. Even the most careful dieters have high-calorie days. You’re stressed out, there’s a birthday party, you simply lost count – whatever the reason, a few off-diet days are inevitable. After all, you’re human, right? Of course, as someone on a diet, you want to avoid... Read more

Screen for Skin Cancer Before It Kills

Skin cancer is common – and commonly underestimated. If left untreated, the disease can cause disfigurement and even death. “As a dermatologist, a large portion of my practice is devoted to skin cancer recognition, prevention and treatment,” says Charles M. Moon, MD, dermatologist at Saint Francis Medical... Read more

Distracted Walking Injures Pedestrians

Walking and chewing gum is easy compared to walking and texting. Nationwide, pedestrians are increasingly suffering injuries due to “distracted walking,” or walking while using an electronic device. These people are so distracted by their devices that they fail to notice the sidewalk cracks, lampposts and... Read more

Don’t Walk Around With “Walking Pneumonia”

"Walking pneumonia" may not be as severe as pneumonia, but it is an infection, it is contagious and it is something to treat with antibiotics. "'Walking pneumonia' is the term used for pneumonia that does not cause someone to be severely ill, but it still causes many... Read more

What to Do When Food Goes Bad

You ate something unusual, and now you’re sick. You suspect it’s food poisoning. What should you do? People are pretty familiar with the symptoms of food poisoning: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever and diarrhea. If you have these symptoms a few hours after eating a suspicious food... Read more

Watch for Signs of Childhood Bullying

Forty to eighty percent of school-age children experience bullying at some point but most of them do not speak of or report being bullied. Bullying can happen in different forms: physical, verbal, reactive, sexual and cyber. It is a serious problem that can affect a child’s... Read more

Lazy Stomach Causes Discomfort, Pain

Some stomachs are too lazy to empty. If the stomach muscles – or the vagus nerve that controls them – have stopped working properly, they will not be able to move food into the small intestine as quickly as they should. People with this condition may... Read more

Going Gluten-free Eases Celiac Symptoms

Some people go gluten-free by choice. People with celiac disease, however, go gluten-free out of medical necessity. “Once you have an accurate diagnosis of celiac, the treatment is a lifetime commitment to stay away from gluten,” says Wilson P. Pais, MD, MBA, FACP, FRCP, gastroenterologist at Saint... Read more

Replace Your Joint, Reclaim Your Life

No more pain. No more stiffness. No more sitting out. Joint replacement surgery offers all these things and more. That’s why patients are saying yes – they want to reclaim their active, pain-free lives. At Saint Francis Medical Center’s Center for Joint Replacement & Revision, more patients... Read more

Carbon Monoxide: Odorless, Colorless Killer

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. It’s colorless and odorless, too. The gas is found in vehicle exhaust, gas ranges, home heating systems, charcoal and wood smoke, and several other heat sources, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Breathing too much carbon monoxide in... Read more

“Handy” Tips to Stop Spread of Sickness

Kids can be a handful – especially when their hands are covered in germs. Sick children are especially effective at spreading germs and infecting other people with colds, flu and other diseases. Not washing their hands is one of the biggest culprits, since sick children come into... Read more

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