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A Painful Grip Could Mean Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

The ulnar nerve is in the arm and connected to the small muscles of the hand, some forearm muscles and the ring and pinkie fingers. Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs when increased pressure is applied to the ulnar nerve.

Common symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome are pain and weakness of grip. The disease also can lead to numbness in the ring and pinkie fingers.

Rickey L. Lents, MD
Rickey L. Lents, MD

“There are many reasons why you might suffer from cubital tunnel syndrome,” says Rickey L. Lents, MD, orthopedic surgeon who practices at Saint Francis Healthcare System. “It could be the result of a disease such as diabetes or arthritis, or an injury to the elbow. Or it could simply occur because you spend much of your day resting your elbow on a hard surface.”

To learn more about treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome, talk to your primary care physician.

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