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Prepare for a Race

If you are training for a race, you may want to see a personal trainer at Saint Francis Medical Center’s Fitness Plus. “When you work out by yourself, you tend to stay in your comfort zone,” says Carlen Mulholland, PhD, ATC, personal trainer at Fitness Plus. “Personal trainers help you move out of that zone.”

Carlen Mulholland, PhD, ATC,
Carlen Mulholland, PhD, ATC,

When training, it is important to work on your core strength – your abdominal and back muscles. “It is important to do more than just regular crunches,” says Mulholland. “Try obliques or abdominal rollouts – exercises where you kneel on the ground and roll forward using a barbell or ball.”

“If you are used to doing a certain type of exercise, your trainer will avoid it,” continues Mulholland. “We want you to try something new. A personal trainer will help you trick your body into producing more muscle fiber and lean muscle mass.”

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