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Protect Your Head, Protect Your Brain

Injure your head, injure your brain? “The majority of neurological trauma is caused by head-related injuries,” says Brandon J. Scott, DO, neurosurgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center. “The most common cause of head trauma is falls, especially in the elderly population. Other causes are motor-vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents and high-impact sports.”

Brandon J. Scott, DO
Brandon J. Scott, DO

Luckily for your brain, some of these injuries can be prevented. “There are very simple things you can do, such as wearing a seatbelt, wearing helmets on a motorcycle or bike and using the proper equipment for football, hockey and other sports,” says Scott.

If you do injure your head, seek help right away. “The most important thing is to evaluate quickly,” says Scott. “If there are any deficits or any symptoms that are out of the ordinary, call 911 or send the patient to the nearest emergency room.”

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