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Psoriasis Sufferers Should See a Dermatologist

Psoriasis is a problem that millions of people try to cover up. This fairly common skin condition ranges in severity from dandruff-like scaling to widespread lesions and rashes. Psoriatric arthritis, which affects the joints, is especially painful.

“Psoriasis most often appears as dry, raised, red patches of skin, with silvery scales on top,” says Charles (Chuck) M. Moon, MD, dermatologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Although it often appears on the scalp, knees and elbows, the condition shows up in other areas of the body as well. For some, psoriasis is a minor nuisance; for others, the emotional and physical pain of the disease drastically lessens the quality of life.”

Charles (Chuck) M. Moon, MD
Charles (Chuck) M. Moon, MD

There is no cure for psoriasis, but there are many new treatments that can provide relief for this difficult condition. “In the last decade we have many new medications besides just creams to treat psoriasis,” says Moon. If you have psoriasis that is worsening or poorly controlled, consult a dermatologist.

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