Recognizing a Sports Hernia

If you are an athlete and are experiencing an aching pain in your lower abdominal area or groin, you may have a sports hernia. A sports hernia occurs when tissue tears in your lower abdominal muscles. It most commonly affects athletes who participate in sports that require a bent-forward position or sudden changes of direction, such as football, soccer or hockey.

“While the pain from a sports hernia can be relieved with rest, it will most likely come back when you return to your sport,” says Jimmy D. Bowen, MD, FAAPMR, CSCS, physiatrist and medical director of Sports Medicine at Bowen Jimmy_MG_0172Saint Francis Medical Center. “You may need several weeks of physical therapy to recover.”

In some cases, rest and physical therapy are not enough – the pain resurfaces after the athlete returns to their sport, and surgery is required. Most athletes are able to return to their sport 6 to 12 weeks after surgery.

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