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Regular Massage Therapy Provides Benefits

Whether your job involves physical labor or sitting at a desk for hours, you can benefit from the healing power of therapeutic massage. Saint Francis Healthcare System’s Fitness Plus offers male and female massage therapists who tailor their services to a client.

“Office personnel do not stretch or move around,” says Ashley Shaw, LMT, licensed massage therapist at Fitness Plus. “That causes trigger point pain, which restricts blood flow to muscles. Massage breaks up muscle fibers, which allows blood to flow more freely.”

People who repeatedly perform weight-bearing actions in their jobs or while working out also benefit from regular massage therapy.

Fitness Plus offers many kinds of massage therapy, including:

Deep-tissue massage: This massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release tension throughout the body.

Prenatal massage: “When a woman is pregnant, the baby puts a great deal of pressure on the mother,” says Shaw. “Her spine tilts, hips widen and feet flatten. Massage can provide physical and emotional relief.”

Reflexology: This technique stimulates the nervous system by applying pressure to the feet and hands. Some cancer patients undergo reflexology to help cope with side effects from treatment.

Raindrop massage: This form of massage stimulates the nervous system through essential oils. “My patients who have fibromyalgia cannot tolerate touch, but need a release for pain,” says Shaw. “Raindrop massage gives the pain relief they need without causing more discomfort.”

Sports therapy: “Sports massage stimulates the body to react to the amount of training it is undergoing,” says Shaw. “It is more vigorous than other massages and helps with flexion, extension and range of motion.”

“Most of our clients come for maintenance massages once a month,” says Shaw. “Those who have chronic problems may require more massages.”

To schedule a massage at Fitness Plus, call 573-331-3355 or visit their webpage.

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