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Replace Your Joint, Reclaim Your Life

No more pain. No more stiffness. No more sitting out. Joint replacement surgery offers all these things and more. That’s why patients are saying yes – they want to reclaim their active, pain-free lives.

At Saint Francis Medical Center’s Center for Joint Replacement & Revision, more patients are seeking out these surgeries, electing to replace their creaky knees and hips. Afterward, as these men and women regain strength, flexibility and mobility in their brand-new joints, their common refrain is one of relief.

“The biggest benefit of joint replacement surgery is the relief of intense pain, which allows patients to return to the activities they want to engage in at their age,” says Patrick R. Knight, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center.

“A lot of them say things like, ‘We’ve been given our lives back; we should’ve done this years ago,’” continues Knight. “I’ll ask them if their pain is better than it was before their surgery, and all of them say it’s so much better than before. They say, ‘I’m so happy I’m not in pain every day.’ Fishermen get to fish again, hunters get to hunt, golfers get to golf. Relationships even improve, since someone who was in pain all the time is not in pain anymore.”

Patrick R. Knight, MD
Patrick R. Knight, MD

The increase in joint replacement surgeries at Saint Francis is part of a nationwide trend. The safer and more successful the procedures become, the more people want them.

“The American opinion is ‘I’m not going to slow down,’” says Knight. “Before, people just hurt, and their activity decreased. Now, a lot of people are less accepting of limitations. They seek to return to their previous activity level as much as possible. Plus, we have gotten better at this type of surgery. The procedures have been refined, and the techniques have been streamlined, which allows us to do the surgeries quicker than in the past. Outcomes have improved. The longevity and functionality of joints are better than they’ve ever been.”

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