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Round Ligament Pain

One common source of concern for pregnant women is round ligament pain. This type of pain in the lower belly or groin area typically occurs during the second trimester. The best way to distinguish round ligament pain from other, more troublesome issues is that round ligament pain only lasts for a few minutes.

Jessica H. Lemmons, MD, FACOG
Jessica H. Lemmons, MD, FACOG

“The round ligament is one of the ligaments that supports your uterus during pregnancy,” says Jessica H. Lemmons, MD, FACOG, obstetrician and gynecologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “As your belly grows, the round ligament stretches and becomes strained. Sudden movements can cause a sharp, jabbing pain.”

To relieve the pain, you can try a heating pad, a warm bath or acetaminophen. However, always inform your doctor when you experience pain. “Call your doctor immediately if you have severe pain that lasts more than a few minutes,” says Lemmons.

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