Safety for Endoscopic Procedures

A certain amount of risk is involved in any surgical procedure. At Saint Francis Healthcare System, the staff who performs endoscopic procedures, such as colonoscopies and upper endoscopies, takes special care to make the procedure as safe as possible for the patient.

“During colonoscopies, we used to blow air into the colon using a scope to expand it and see more clearly,” says Michael R. Freeman, MD, gastroenterologist, Saint Francis Medical Partner. “Now we use carbon dioxide instead, because studies have shown it reduces pain after the procedure. If a patient is still in pain after a colonoscopy, we know further evaluation is required. Using carbon dioxide allows us to easily find the problem.”

Freeman-Michael_MG_0104Saint Francis also makes sure an anesthesiologist is present for every endoscopic procedure so he or she can make sure the patient remains safe throughout the procedure.

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