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Seizures and Epilepsy

About one in 100 people in the United States will have a seizure once in their lifetime. If you have had two or more seizures without any apparent cause, talk to your doctor about treatment for epilepsy.

“When you have a seizure, you may involuntarily jerk a body part or experience symptoms such as tingling or flashing lights,” says Andrew Godbey, MD, MSPH, neurologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Seizures may also cause you to lose consciousness.”

Andrew Godbey, MD, MSPH

Andrew Godbey, MD, MSPH

Most people are able to manage their epilepsy with medications, decreasing the frequency of seizures or even eliminating them altogether. When medications fail, however, surgery can be an option. In some cases, the surgeon can remove the part of the brain that is causing the seizures.

Another option is vagus nerve stimulation, in which the doctor implants a device in your chest that decreases seizures through bursts of electrical energy.

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