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Solutions to Treat Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is most often found in the tongue, the lips and the floor of the mouth. The most frequent treatment is surgery, which can be used to remove a tumor, all or part of the jaw, the bone in the roof of the mouth or the lymph nodes and surrounding tissue.

Following surgery, some patients need radiation therapy or a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy for more advanced cancers.

Benjamin D. Goodman, DO
Benjamin D. Goodman, DO

“Because the mouth is such a complicated part of the body, radiation oncology can be a very effective treatment option in the physician’s arsenal,” says Benjamin D. Goodman, DO, radiation oncologist, Saint Francis Medical Partner. “Physical, occupational and speech therapy are sometimes necessary for recovery.”

In some cases, surgery may not be necessary at all. Radiation therapy may be the main treatment for these types of cancers.

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