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Solve Chronic Dry Eye

Eyes are constantly producing tears that serve to lubricate and nourish them. When they do not produce enough tears, or when they produce poor-quality tears, you have a condition called chronic dry eye.

Chronic dry eye can cause scratching or burning in your eyes or blurred vision. “If the problem advances, you can damage the surface of your eye and experience problems with your vision,” says Laura E. Glueck, DO, family practice physician, Saint Francis Medical Partner.

Laura E. Glueck, DO
Laura E. Glueck, DO

In many cases, adding tears may be all you need to do to solve the problem. You can use over-the-counter artificial tear solutions or your doctor can prescribe eye drops that increase tear production. “In addition to adding tears, we also can try conserving the tears you already make by using plugs to block your tear ducts,” says Glueck.

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