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Starting a Healthy New Life

One year ago, Rebecca Daub was on the fast track for some major health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Instead, she turned her life around through weight-loss surgery.

Daub, 42, of Scott City, Mo., has lost 120 pounds through Weight Loss Solutions, Saint Francis Medical Center’s bariatric surgery program. “I had thought about weight-loss surgery for a couple of years,” says Daub, who has struggled with weight problems since elementary school. “I would lose weight, but then I would turn around and gain it all back. It was like a roller coaster.”

After hearing other people share how bariatric surgery worked for them, Daub attended a seminar at the Medical Center to learn more about the different procedures. “As soon as I went to the seminar, my mind was made up,” she says. “When I learned what the results of the surgery would be, I knew this was the right choice for me.”

Ryan A. LeGrand, MD
Ryan A. LeGrand, MD

Daub underwent a vertical gastric sleeve procedure at Saint Francis in April 2013. During the surgery, Ryan A. LeGrand, MD, the bariatric and general surgeon who leads Weight Loss Solutions, removed about 85 percent of her stomach, so it took the shape of a sleeve.

After just 24 hours in the hospital, Daub returned home to recover and become accustomed to her new diet. People who have bariatric surgery must limit themselves to small, protein-heavy portions. “Because we are reducing the size of the stomach, our patients are not able to eat as much as they used to eat,” says LeGrand. “It is a big adjustment, but it is worth it for a person who is serious about weight loss.”

Daub still wants to lose about 80 pounds, but she is already enjoying the effects of triple-digit weight loss. “I have more energy,” she says. “I do not have to order clothes online anymore or travel an hour away to find a store that carries clothes in my size.”

“I am enjoying the little things,” Daub continues, “like being able to bend over and touch my feet. I would definitely undergo weight-loss surgery again.”

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