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Stop Back Pain Before It Starts

Back pain is not necessarily a normal part of aging. You can stop back pain before it starts by following these tips: • Maintain good core strength. “If you regularly exercise your abdominal muscles, that can give you enough strength to counteract any potential back issues,” says Patrick R. Knight, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center.

  • Watch your weight. Large midsections are a common source of back pain.
  • Make sure you have proper sleeping support. “A bed that is too hard or too soft can cause significant back pain in the short and long run,” says Knight.
  • Learn proper lifting mechanics – and use them. Make sure you know how to use exercise equipment properly. When you areKnight Patrick_MG_8614 lifting groceries or performing other daily activities that involve lifting, use your knees, not your back.

“Back pain affects people of all ages, but proper posture and support can help tremendously,” says Knight.

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