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Surgeon Joins Trauma Service

When others ask him to name his favorite hobby, Joseph M. McClain, MD, MS, FACS, trauma surgeon, Saint Francis Medical Partner does not hesitate. “I always say my job is my favorite hobby,” says McClain, who recently came to Saint Francis. “At the end of the day, there is no better profession than one in which you encounter people who are down on their luck, and you can make them better.”

Joseph M. McClain, MD, MS, FACS
Joseph M. McClain, MD, MS, FACS

McClain first trained as a heart surgeon and spent several years treating patients in the Army, including nearly a year in Baghdad, Iraq, serving as lead surgeon inside the Green (International) Zone. After returning to the United States, he suffered an injury and retrained as a trauma surgeon.

“I ran the busiest trauma center in the world in Baghdad,” says McClain. “And I appreciated having the opportunity to help people in the worst possible situation.”

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