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Swimming Safety

Swimming is one of the most fun activities summer has to offer, but drowning is a very real danger at both beaches and pools. Tell your kids to keep these safety tips in mind as they head to the water:

  • Do not swim by yourself. “We tell our aquatics students to always swim with a buddy,” says Doug Gannon, aquatics and recreation assistant manager for Fitness Plus at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Even if you think you are a good swimmer, something unexpected could happen and you could need help.”
  • WLS_630 Doug GannonKnow the depth of the water in which you are swimming. “Learn to respect the water,” says Gannon. “It can fool you.”
  • Reach, throw or go. When a friend is in trouble, try to reach him or throw a rescue device to him, or go for help. Unless properly trained, never swim out to rescue someone.

For more information, call 573-331-3000.

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