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Symptoms of Gallstones

While gallstones can cause sudden, intense pain in the upper right quadrant or pit of your stomach, sometimes they do not produce such obvious symptoms. In these cases, you may think you are experiencing indigestion when you actually have a gallstone.

Rafid J. Hussein, DO
Rafid J. Hussein, DO

“You may have nausea or bloating after you eat, and find out your gallbladder is not working,” says Rafid J. Hussein, DO, gastroenterologist at Saint Francis Medical Center.  If you experience these symptoms often, you should see your doctor – especially if the symptoms are becoming worse.”

In some cases, people have gallstones for years and are not bothered by them. “Gallstones are only dangerous when they produce symptoms,” says Hussein. “In those situations, if left untreated, they can cause inflammation of the gallbladder or a blockage in the bile or pancreatic ducts.”

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