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Take Steps to Be Safe Before Taking Steps

Accidents happen. People fall and break their bones. Follow this advice to reduce your risk – and possibly prevent falls completely.

Patients with medical conditions that cause imbalance should see their physician for medication, physical therapy and assistive devices (e.g., walkers and canes) to help them keep their balance. Additionally, everyone should take notice of environmental factors like wet weather, tall ladders and loose carpeting and take steps to stay upright and secure.

Patrick R. Knight, MD
Patrick R. Knight, MD

“People need to be more aware of their surroundings and more carefully use the appropriate assisted devices,” says Patrick R. Knight, MD,  orthopedic surgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Take a little extra time and precaution to avoid falling. Look around the pathways in your home. If something is in the way, have it moved. Anything you can do to make your environment safer can hopefully eliminate or at least prevent most falls.”

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