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Trim Figure, Full Social Life

A year ago, Christina Hahs of Cape Girardeau did not socialize much. She preferred to  stay at home and read or watch TV – activities that did not require interacting with other people. She was too self-conscious about her weight, which peaked at 265 pounds. She had tried multiple methods for losing weight, but each effort had the same result: She would lose a large amount of weight and then gain it all back.

Then, she heard about Weight Loss Solutions, Saint Francis Medical Center’s bariatric surgery program. She attended an informational seminar and learned about the gastric sleeve procedure, during which the surgeon removes about 85 percent of the stomach so it takes the shape of a sleeve.

The surgery was a breeze for Hahs. She found herself getting back to her regular life routine within days of surgery. As she recovered, she worked on changing her diet and losing the weight.

Ryan A. LeGrand, MD
Ryan A. LeGrand, MD

“It is important to stick to the prescribed diet after weight loss surgery,” says Ryan A. LeGrand, MD, the bariatric surgeon who leads Weight Loss Solutions. “When you have a gastric sleeve procedure, protein is very important,” he says. “Each patient should talk to his or her doctor about how much protein he or she needs to consume each day to maintain lean muscle mass.”

“It was amazing to me how having the surgery took away my hunger and cravings,” she says. “It was very easy to cut back after the procedure. I had to consciously think about how many grams of protein I needed to eat each day and how much water I needed to drink. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.”

Hahs’ surgery was in December 2013, and to date has lost 138 pounds.

“My social life is fuller now than it has ever been,” says Hahs. “I like to go hiking and shopping, and I have more friends. This surgery has changed my life and Dr. LeGrand’s expertise has given me a new chance at an amazing life.”

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