Watch Kids’ Skin for Frostbite Signs

Bundle up your children in a coat, hat and mittens. Wrap them in layers to keep them warm and dry. Watch their skin for discoloration – frostbite is too dangerous to leave unattended.

When frostbite sets in, the skin may turn white, waxy in appearance and hard to the touch. Other symptoms include swelling, blisters and numbness. If you suspect your child has frostbite, bring them indoors, change them into dry clothing and seek medical attention right away to prevent permanent damage.

Thomas_Tim“Do not rub frostbitten skin or rub snow on it,” says Timothy N. Thomas, DO, emergency medicine physician at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Try not to make any friction, or you can actually damage the skin tissue. Instead, use secondary warming like body heat, a blanket or blowing on the skin.”

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