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Weight Loss Team Prepares Patients for New Life

In addition to their remarkable physical changes, bariatric surgery patients also experience profound psychological changes. In fact, to maximize the success of this weight-loss procedure, patients must learn how to rethink their relationships with food, health and body image both before and after their surgeries.

Ryan A. LeGrand, MD
Ryan A. LeGrand, MD

At Saint Francis Medical Center’s Weight Loss Solutions, a multidisciplinary team helps patients deal with these changes throughout the process. Dieticians and psychologists advise patients about nutrition, fitness and mental health, while bariatric nurses and surgeons prep them for their surgery and recovery.

“We offer a lot of support to keep patients on track,” says Ryan A. LeGrand, MD, bariatric and general surgeon at Saint Francis. “Bariatric surgery can jump-start their weight loss, but then patients have to work to maintain their weight and keep it off. They have to develop new lifestyle habits. It’s difficult.”

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