Weight Loss Through Teamwork

Losing weight is easier when you have a friend sharing the journey with you. June Dunning and Mary Ellen Mohundro have been supporting each other since March, when they both joined Saint Francis Medical Center’s The Healthy Weigh on the same day.

The Healthy Weigh is a medically supervised weight-loss program that teaches participants how to lose weight safely through meal replacements such as entrees, shakes and nutritious bars. Both Dunning and Mohundro had not been able to lose weight through other programs, so they decided to try The Healthy Weigh.

“I thought, if I cannot lose weight through this program, I am never going to be able to lose it,” says Dunning, 69, who lives outside Gordonville. “The first night I went to class, Mary Ellen was there. We shared our stories and our problems. If we had a challenging week, we were there to support or encourage each other.”

Duncan SandyThe Healthy Weigh offers two programs: Decision Free and Healthy Solutions. Mohundro chose the Decision Free program, which helps participants lose weight solely through meal replacements. Dunning chose Healthy Solutions, which incorporates fruits and vegetables into the diet. With both programs, participants attend meetings led by dieticians at Saint Francis once a week to discuss lifestyle and behavioral changes. “Our health educators help them plan for the next week,” says Sandy Duncan, MSA, HFS, manager of health and wellness at Saint Francis. “They also talk with participants about how they will be incorporating physical activity into their week.”

Both Dunning and Mohundro have found tremendous success with The Health Weigh. Dunning has lost about 35 pounds, and Mohundro has lost 53 pounds. “It worked like a charm,” says Mohundro. “I have encouraged as many people as I can to try The Healthy Weigh.”

And their friendship has thrived. “Mary Ellen has been a big support,” says Dunning. “Seeing each other doing well has been a motivator for both of us.”

For more information about The Healthy Weigh, visit www.saintfrancismedicalcenter.hmrdiet.com or call 573-331-5686. If you register for the January program in December, you can save 20 percent off class fees.

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