Job Reassignment Is Most Effective Strategy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a repetitive motion injury that is among the most common afflictions in the workplace. While typists and keyboard operators are the most likely to develop this painful condition, other job functions with repetitive motions also are susceptible.

CTS can feature pain in the wrist and forearm, as well as numbness or pain in the thumb, index finger or middle finger. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CTS is the most common injury affecting the U.S. workforce.

Since many factors can contribute to this condition, there is no single strategy to prevent its onset. The most common preventive suggestions include proper posture, and exercise or stretching programs that focus on the fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders and neck.

Rest periods to relieve stress on wrist, hand and finger muscles also may prevent injury, while the most effective approach likely remains reassigning workers to other jobs.

Many physicians recommend icing painful areas, wearing a splint or brace, and performing daily stretches to prevent symptoms from worsening. Steroid injections and even surgery may be necessary for advanced cases.

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