Employers and Employees Benefit from Focus on Wellness

Changes in the healthcare environment over the past two decades have shifted responsibility for minimizing the financial impact squarely on employers and their employees.

Time has proved that effective worksite wellness programs can produce additional benefits beyond the financial results employers were hoping to attain. The Wellness Council of America has identified six key benefits of worksite wellness.

Improved morale – Energy within the workplace tends to increase as the result of health promotion efforts. As a focus on improved health makes its way through the workforce, employers are reporting a gradual change in attitude and behavior within its valuable employee population.

Reduced turnover – The costs involved with recruiting, interviewing and training new employees create a significant burden on profitability. Many employers are finding that health promotion programs can serve as an additional perk to help retain employees and reduce expenses associated with turnover.

Increased recruitment potential – When other employment aspects are relatively equal, the existence of a quality worksite wellness program can tip the scales in your favor when competing for coveted high-quality employees.

Reduced absenteeism – Studies have shown that improved health among the employee population results in fewer days missed due to short-term and chronic illnesses. Health promotion programs can help prevent certain types of illness caused by poor lifestyle choices.

Healthcare cost containment – While this may be an obvious benefit of instituting a worksite wellness program, there is no downplaying its benefit to the corporate bottom line.

Improved employee health – There is a growing body of evidence that suggests well-designed health promotions can have a positive impact on behavior choices ranging from smoking and alcohol use to exercise and nutritional habits.

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