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Hand Hygiene is Especially Important When Exposed to Heavy Metal Dust

One of the most insidious workplace hazards is so sneaky that symptoms often are initially misdiagnosed because exposure happens over an extended period of time. Heavy metals, which can enter the body through inhalation of dust, ingestion and even skin penetration, can produce serious damage to ...
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Certified Medical Review Officers Provide Fair Drug Screen Reviews

Employment drug screens often are not as cut-and-dried as they might appear at first glance. Potential employees may have substances in their urine that signal an issue, but it takes some research by a certified medical review officer (CMRO) to make a fair determination. Separating the ...
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Job Safety Analyses Reduce Risk of Injury for Specific Tasks


Many tasks that workers perform every day feature some type of potential for injury. Identifying the steps most prone to safety concerns is the goal of a job safety analysis (JSA). A JSA integrates principles of health and safety into a particular task. Also known as ...
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Workplace Wellness Programs Generate Multiple Benefits for Employers


The topic of workplace wellness programs and their benefit to the organization has befuddled business leaders for many years. Quantifying the return on investment is a challenge that makes it difficult for some decision makers to justify the effort. However, research into workplace wellness programs consistently ...
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Employers and Physicians Work to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) afflicts workers in a wide range of industries, impacting safety and overall quality of life through the inability to communicate effectively. While largely preventable through a series of controls, NIHL inflicts thousands of workers to some extent every year. NIHL typically ...
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Occupational Vision Testing Can Enhance Employee Performance

Ophthalmology eyesight examination

Optometrists play a key role in helping employers assess performance and productivity of workers as it pertains to occupational vision capabilities. One of the most important aspects of the assessment involves analyzing the occupational history. An occupational history often includes a description of the visual task ...
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Follow These Steps to Stay Safe During Hot Construction Days

worker man  as he drinks from a plastic water bottle on construction site

  Summertime in the Midwest can feature extremes of temperature and humidity that create safety issues for workers. Studies show that heat stress can be a contributing factor to safety issues such as lack of concentration and fatigue, as well as general health risks that come with ...
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A Few Ergonomic Adjustments Can Help Prevent Eye Fatigue


Proper workplace ergonomics can reduce the visual fatigue that comes with looking at a computer screen all day in addition to reducing back and neck pain often associated with this topic. Focusing on screens for long periods in the workplace can cause eye strain that ...
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New 5:15 series to Educate on Workplace Health


Saint Francis Healthcare System’s Services to Business team will offer a series of six one-hour educational events this year, as part of The 5:15 Series, which will focus on workplace health and wellness issues. Each 5:15 event – so named because of their 5:15 pm starting ...
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