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Fall Prevention at Work


Falls can happen anytime, anywhere in the workplace. Simply walking on a level surface or taking the stairs holds potential for a fall. However, workplaces with unsafe practices and poor safety cultures consistently experience higher rates of fall injuries than those who keep a keen ...
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Occupational Noise Exposure Puts Workers at Risk for Hearing Loss


Occupational medicine professionals see their share of injuries caused by falls and other accidents, yet one of the most prevalent health risks comes in the form of preventable hearing loss due to high workplace noise levels. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 30 million ...
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Weekends Cannot Overcome Poor Workweek Sleep Schedules


How often have you planned to catch up on some sleep during the weekend? The reality is short-changing your body of the sleep it needs on a regular basis during the workweek puts you too far behind the eight ball to adequately recover. The most effective ...
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Carbon Monoxide is an Invisible, Odorless Workplace Hazard


Workplace exposure to carbon monoxide is among the most common industrial hazards, with the poisonous gas causing more deaths than any other toxic agent except alcohol. One of the challenges to avoiding carbon monoxide exposure is recognizing when this silent killer may be present. Carbon monoxide ...
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This is the time of year when many workers arrive at their jobs before the sun shines and leave when it’s already dark. The brain’s perception that nighttime never ends and daytime never comes is enough to make anyone depressed. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a ...
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Use These Tips to Mix Some Activity Into Your Desk Job


As if the American obesity epidemic isn’t bad enough with large portion sizes and calorie-filled drinks, our transition to a computer-based work environment is contributing to a “sitting disease” that contributes to health issues. Studies show that approximately 80 percent of jobs today are sedentary in ...
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Managing Chronic Pain at Work Requires Planning


Living with pain is difficult enough for the more than 100 million Americans who struggle to make it through each day. Managing chronic pain at work requires another level of perseverance and dedication to push through physical and mental barriers. Although quitting work isn’t an option ...
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Preparing to Work Safely in Winter Begins Before the Temperature Falls

It may seem obvious, but having appropriate winter clothing on hand is step one in preventing hypothermia, frostbite and other cold weather-related maladies. Hats are a must, and mittens help the hands and fingers maintain body temperature more effectively than gloves. Temperature changes can happen in ...
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Your Mother’s Warning About Slouching Was Right After All

Remember how your mother used to scold you for slouching when you were young? There is some physiological science to that advice, and studies show that adolescent slouching can carry over into poor posture as an adult and debilitating ergonomics in the workplace. Over time, these bad ...
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An Extra Dose of Patience Enhances Winter Safety Behind the Wheel

Driving in winter weather – even when there’s no snow on the ground – demands additional patience and heightened awareness to stay safe while on the job or personal business. Professional drivers know poor driving conditions magnify the unsafe driving tendencies of the general public. Defensive ...
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