Small Business Owners Cite Workplace Safety as Their Top Risk Concern

More small business owners are concerned about workplace safety than any other aspect of business risk, according to a recent survey commissioned by the insurance group Employers Holdings Inc.

Thirty-five percent of respondents listed workplace safety as their top concern, far outdistancing the next highest issues of professional liability (26 percent) and cybersecurity (25 percent).

Not surprisingly, a matching 35 percent of respondents also identified workplace safety as the area in which they plan to devote most of their attention this year.

The high attention to workplace safety mirrors a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that lists slips, trips and falls as accounting for nearly one-fourth of all nonfatal workplace injuries that occur annually in the private sector.

Employee injuries have been shown to produce significant costs in terms of medical and workers’ compensation expenses, as well as impacting businesses through lost productivity and poor workplace morale.

Small business owners said they are most prepared for slips, trips and falls (21 percent), motor vehicle accidents (12 percent) and employees coming into harmful contact with objects and equipment (12 percent), leaving a significant number of owners who are not well-prepared for these issues.

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