Your Eyes Deserve a Break Today – Lots of Them

Backing away from the computer screen or mobile device is not an easy task for many people in today’s plugged-in world. While connectivity is a valuable tool in the work setting as well as private life, it brings a physical toll on the eyes that can intensify over time.

Experts suggest several preventive practices that can minimize eye strain and protect one of our most valuable physical assets:

  • Increase the font size on all of your devices. Many ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals suggest at least 12-point font on your computer, and increasing the type size on smart phones and e-readers to a size that does not strain your eyes.
  • Rest your eyes after every half-hour of consistent computer use, if possible. This can include looking at an object some distance away for at least 30 seconds.
  • Keep reading material below eye level.
  • Use eye drops to keep the eyes moisturized if necessary.
  • It is a good idea to schedule regular appointments with an ophthalmologist to monitor the health of your eyes, even if you do not currently wear contacts or glasses.
  • Unplug whenever possible and reconnect with actual people.

To learn more about how Saint Francis Medical Center can help you protect your workforce from eyestrain, call Chad Clippard, referral services manager, at 573-331-3019.