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Stair-Step Effect Puts More Donation Dollars to Work

December 20, 2016

The term “domino effect” implies a linear succession of events in which there is a well-defined beginning and end to the sequence. Saint Francis Healthcare System Foundation has been able to enhance that model over the past few years by immediately putting your donations to work, and the results have been spectacular.

I call our version of this model the “stair-step effect,” because we are helping more people than ever and our momentum is growing exponentially. Our commitment to actively using the financial resources you so generously make available to us is working. It’s really working.

The model we’re following is simple: Our donors give, we receive and immediately put those funds to work. As a result of donors seeing their money at work, we receive more and are able to give more than ever. It’s a wonderful cycle that enables you to have faith in the Foundation’s obligation to be a good steward of your donations.

Our goal is to find the best use for your donations and invest them back into our community and its people. The Foundation is not a bank. Rather, we are a conduit for multiplying your financial generosity. The rate of return on people is far greater than any certificate of deposit or stock market index.

Saint Francis Healthcare System Foundation has played a major role in assisting efforts throughout the Saint Francis Healthcare System community. We were able to provide significant financial assistance for the Building on Excellence projects, which resulted in improved facilities for patients and our dedicated team of caregivers, and initiatives such as Pink Up, the Power of One and Giving Tuesday generated funds for a variety of needs.

Join me in taking pride in the community we’ve built as we celebrate a successful 2016 and get a running start on helping even more people in 2017. I encourage you to learn more about the Foundation’s many efforts and enjoy the infectious energy of giving.

For more information about giving opportunities through Saint Francis Healthcare System Foundation, please contact our office at 573-331-5133.


Jimmy Wilferth

Executive Director, Saint Francis Healthcare System Foundation

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