telemedicine at Saint Francis

Pediatric Telemedicine

Saint Francis Medical Center and Mercy Children’s Hospital in St. Louis are working together to bring expert care for pediatric patients closer to home.

When a specialist is needed for a neurology or gastroenterology consultation, children and their families will enjoy the convenience of staying at the Medical Center. Families and their Saint Francis physician can communicate directly with Mercy Children’s Hospital specialists through telemedicine — Internet video conferencing.

Saint Francis will have direct access to a pediatric neurologist and a pediatric gastroenterologist. The neurologist will see children with a variety of concerns, including unexplained headaches, balance issues, muscle weakness and seizures. The gastroenterologist will treat children with problems including celiac disease and feeding difficulties. While some families may need to travel to St. Louis occasionally, they can take advantage of the telemedicine program for many of their appointments

For more information about Saint Francis’ Pediatric Telemedicine program, contact 573-331-3996.

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