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geriatric fracture program

Geriatric Fracture Program

Helping You Return to the Highest Quality of Living

The Geriatric Fracture Program team at the Saint Francis Orthopedic Institute specializes in returning hip fracture patients to the highest quality of living as quickly as possible.

Hip fractures have a relatively high incidence among seniors, with 9 of every 10 occurring in patients 65 and older and three-quarters of those in women. The majority of hip fractures require surgery to correct the fracture, and the resulting impact on quality of life can be significant. Our Geriatric Fracture Program team is dedicated to helping you regain the independence you deserve as quickly and safely as possible.

A Team With a Plan

Using a comprehensive approach featuring specialists in hip fracture care from throughout the Medical Center, our Geriatric Fracture Program offers a planned course of treatment that encourages optimal recovery:

  • Early intervention
  • Shorter Medical Center stays
  • Resumption of normal routines sooner
  • Quicker return to mobility
  • Evidence-based protocols
  • Comprehensive education

Detailed Evaluation

Our Orthopedic specialists evaluate each patient carefully to determine whether surgery is appropriate and, if so, which procedure has the highest probability for a successful outcome. The surgeon works collaboratively with other physicians to manage pain and reduce the amount of time spent waiting for surgery. This approach helps patients achieve a faster and more complete recovery.

Support From All Sides

You and your family play important roles in the recovery process. Our team will keep your team involved throughout your journey, providing the comprehensive education and resources necessary to achieve the best possible surgical outcome. Studies show patients who are involved in their care have a greater opportunity to make a smooth recovery.

Time to Heal

The amount of time needed to recover from a hip fracture depends on a variety of factors, including the patient’s overall health and the severity of the injury. If the surgeon uses pins and screws to secure the bone, the patient should try to resume walking with a walker as soon as possible. Six to eight weeks may be needed before the patient can switch to walking with a cane. Recovering from hip fracture surgery can take up to 12 weeks.

A Return to Active Life

We understand how badly you want to return to an active life. Through resources at Saint Francis’ Orthopedic Institute, you will have access to wellness and rehabilitation strategies that will maximize your comfort and speed your return to the quality of life you deserve. To ensure your optimal recovery, our program provides comprehensive education during your stay at the Medical Center.

Tips to Prevent Falls

In the Home:

  • Remove all throw rugs.
  • Have adequate lighting, particularly at night.
  • Arrange your furniture to allow enough room to comfortably move about, especially if you use a cane or walker.
  • Never use the walls or furniture for support; consider getting an assistive device if you need support while walking.

In the Bathroom:

  • Install grab bars in the shower and around the toilet; towel bars are not sturdy enough.
  • Install a raised toilet seat or armrests on the toilet.
  • Use a shower seat.

In the Kitchen:

  • Make sure the floor is dry and not overly waxed.
  • Place frequently used items within easy reach to avoid stooping or straining.
  • Have a chair handy to sit on should you become tired or dizzy.

On the Stairs:

  • Have at least one sturdy rail to guide you; install two rails wherever possible.
  • Keep stairs clear of all items – especially carpet runners, which can be slippery.

Click here to view our fall prevention tip sheet.


To learn more about the Geriatric Fracture Program in Cape Girardeau, call 573-331-5593.

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