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Joseph McClarty

Joseph McClarty

For Joseph McClarty, weight loss has been all about community. He had tried many times to shed weight on his own, but it was not until he started The Healthy Weigh at Saint Francis Healthcare System and joined the support group that he saw lasting results.

The Healthy Weigh is a weight loss program which incorporates diet solutions from Health Management Resources (HMR). HMR is a weight management company that specializes in lifestyle education and emphasizes long-term weight and health management. Patients eat prepared entrees and meal replacements, such as shakes and bars, and receive weekly coaching from a dietitian.

McClarty, 38, of New Madrid, Mo., chose the program option which helps participants lose weight solely through the entrees and meal replacements.

McClarty started the program in February 2015 at 313 pounds. By summer 2016, he was down to 236 pounds where he is hoping to stay.

“With The Healthy Weigh, I could sit in a room with 15 to 20 other people on a weekly basis who were going through the same process I was,” he says. “I could experience the struggles and elations with them, and I realized I was not alone on this journey.”

A high school teacher, McClarty also coaches baseball, so he is used to exercising. But he had not made it a regular part of his routine before joining The Healthy Weigh.

“Now that I have lost the weight, I feel better,” says McClarty. “I have more zest for life. It has been a great blessing.”

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