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Laura’s Weight Loss Success



After a major wake-up call with her health, Laura decided to join The Healthy Weigh in June 2017. Since that time, she has cut all her medications in half, gone down approximately 18 inches on her waist, lost about 100 pounds and is now working on maintaining her weight loss. She has less anxiety, and even enjoys shopping and getting dressed in the morning. Most importantly, she “feels like herself again,” which consists of golfing, running and “participating in anything I want to!”

There are three things that were crucial to Laura’s successful weight loss journey at The Healthy Weigh — accountability, structure and record keeping. Being around others who have similar experiences makes the challenges easier. Through record keeping and looking at her progress empirically, Laura recognized this approach would have to be in her life forever to continue her healthy lifestyle. Laura has had to be diligent about making time to prepare her food for the day and work in physical activity. Her motto is “Make time now, or make it later!” Another added bonus is that the food cost of the program is less than the amount of money Laura previously spent at grocery stores and restaurants. “Now, I don’t eat out unless it’s an event,” she said.

Making the decision to join a structured program is a big one. For those anxious to take the first step, Laura insists, “It MUST be your decision, but once you’ve made it, don’t wait!” Being “in action” about her weight has made her feel more in control and happier than when she just spent time thinking about her weight. When she joined the program, Laura said it was “a good time for me to take care of myself again.”

A healthy lifestyle extends well beyond losing weight. For Laura, there is no “after” picture — only a “now” picture. Laura keeps striving to improve her health and enjoy her life. She hopes to run a half marathon next year and strives to be off all her medications.

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