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Meet Brooke



Brooke wanted to find out more about weight-loss surgery after being turned away from a roller coaster at Six Flags because she was too heavy to ride it two summers ago. For a long time, she had known that she was eating herself into an early grave and living a very unhealthy life — and was constantly looking for that “magic” solution that would help her lose weight. Once Brooke took the leap and began her journey with Weight Loss Solutions, she realized that this surgery was no quick fix, but a valuable tool meant to help. She would have to take charge of her life and change many of her bad habits.

She had her surgery in January 2016 and has lost 146 pounds so far! From the very start, Brooke has taken advantage of Weight Loss Solutions’ resources, attending its monthly support group meetings and offering daily encouragement, tips, recipes and ideas to others on its Facebook page. In her mind, she considers the Weight Loss Solutions’ team to be like family, offering positive reinforcement and support every step of the journey.

Along the way, Brooke’s biggest supporter has been her husband, Nathan, who also has lost nearly 40 pounds! Every morning after Nathan finishes his third shift at work, they motivate each other at Fitness Plus during their daily workout sessions. Plus, there’s no junk food in their house … and they both eat healthy and clean.

Today, Brooke is back to riding roller coasters, living life to the fullest and focusing on living in the “now.” She calls her experience at Weight Loss Solutions a blessed, life-changing transformation, and she now knows what it means to take care of her health, listen to her body and truly love herself.

To learn more about Weight Loss Solutions, call 573-331-3993.

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