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Meet Maria



Having bariatric surgery was a big decision for Maria. It took her nearly a year to do all the research and get comfortable with the idea. After consultations with Dr. LeGrand, she finally made the decision to go for it because of his compassion and genuine interest in improving his patients’ health.

Since having the surgery in October 2014 and throughout her weight-loss journey, Maria’s mindset has changed — and so has her life. She has become her biggest health advocate by using the support system that the Weight Loss Solutions program offers. She saw firsthand how the program championed for its patients’ overall health and wellness through its support groups and resources, and it inspired her to be her best self. Today, she has lost a total of 135 pounds.

She now lives life to the fullest…staying active by walking and exercising with her son and daughter and fully taking advantage of time with family and friends. By utilizing the many educational resources Weight Loss Solutions has to offer, she’s learned how to eat healthy, follow portion control with all of her meals, drink plenty of fluids and take vitamins daily.

Active, happy, inspiring others, healthier, more confident…Maria has used all these words to describe how losing weight and gaining back her life has made her feel, inside and out.

To learn more about Weight Loss Solutions, call 573-331-3993.

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