Mother and Daughter Lose Weight Together

Ashley and Teri Welker

Ashley and Teri Welker

When Teri Welker read an article in the paper about a teacher who lost weight through Saint Francis Healthcare System’s The Healthy Weigh, it was a lightbulb moment for her.

Her daughter, Ashley, recently told her she needed to find a good program to lose weight, and Teri thought The Healthy Weigh would fit the bill. So mother and daughter attended an informational session, and in April 2016, they began their weight-loss journey together.

The Healthy Weigh is a weight loss program that incorporates diet solutions from Health Management Resources (HMR). HMR is a weight management company that specializes in lifestyle education and emphasizes long-term weight and health management. Patients eat prepared entrees and meal replacements, like shakes and bars, and receive weekly coaching from a dietitian.

Teri, 57, of Perryville, Mo., and Ashley, 22, of Cape Girardeau, chose the program option which helps participants lose weight solely through the entrees and meal replacements.

“From the beginning, we were working with a doctor, nurse and nutritionist,” says Teri. “We knew we were losing weight in a healthy way.”

Ashley acknowledges that at the beginning, it was difficult transitioning to healthier options. But now, she craves healthy food. After starting the program at 241 pounds, she has lost 100 pounds and is still losing.

“I got tired of living my life on the sidelines,” she says. “Now I have more confidence and am more physically active.”

Both Teri, a kindergarten teacher, and Ashley, a full-time student at Southeast Missouri State University, appreciated the opportunity to undergo their weight-loss journey together. “We were a good team,” says Teri, who started at 196 pounds and is now at 144.

At the beginning of the program, Ashley was home from school and the women would walk together every day. Now, they encourage each other over the phone. “I do not know if I could have lost this much weight without my mom,” says Ashley.

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