Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation Board is responsible for fiduciary and strategic oversight of the Saint Francis Foundation. Board members volunteer their time, talents and treasure. Board members oversee financial investments, help cultivate major gifts and strategize about growth and development of the organization.

Saint Francis Foundation Board
Front Row: (Left to right) Angie Womack, Secretary; Bobbi Palmer, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC; Justin Davison, President and Chief Executive Officer; Lori Fowler, Chair; Stacy Huff, Executive Director – Saint Francis Foundation; Laurie Fitzgerald; Requi Salter

Back Row: (Left to right) Jimmy Wilferth, Vice President – Foundation, Marketing and Facilities; Garrett Ozbun, Vice-Chair; Deacon Tom Schumer, Vice-Chair/Treasurer; Todd Marchi

Not Pictured: Matt Welker; Carlos Robles, MD; Sagar Patel, MD; Tucker Davis; Debbie Balsano; Andrew Boldrey, MD, FAAP

2022 Officers

  • Lori Fowler, Chair
  • Deacon Thomas Schumer, Vice Chair
  • Debbie Balsano, Immediate Past Chair
  • Angie Womack, Secretary

2022 Members

  • Debbie Balsano
  • Andrew Boldrey, MD, FAAP
  • Jason Coalter
  • Tucker Davis
  • Laurie Fitzgerald
  • Lori Fowler
  • Duc T. Nguyen, DO
  • Ken Oberlohr
  • Garrett Ozbun
  • Sagar Patel, MD
  • Lynn Richardet
  • Carlos Robles, MD
  • Requi Salter
  • Deacon Thomas Schumer
  • Angie Womack

Ex-Officio Members

  • Jimmy Wilferth, Vice President – Foundation and Marketing
  • Stacy Huff, Executive Director – Foundation