The Friends of Saint Francis Board of Directors

The Friends Board is comprised of dedicated individuals from the community and colleagues who are committed to serving our Mission.

Friends of Saint Francis Board
Top Row: (Left to right) Ashlee Garland; Jessica Schmidt; Grayson Ozbun; Matt Ewasko, Treasure, Golf Committee Co-Chair; Beth Keller, President; Lindsey Bingaman, Vice President; Blake Driskell, Golf Chair; Christy Farrow, Gala Co-Chair; Nicole Nguyen, Historian, Gala Chair; Shana Lynn

Bottom Row: (Left to right) Corey Baker; Amy Blanton; Todd Marchi, Past President; Nate Gautier, Saint Francis Foundation Development Officer – Special Events; Gordon Powers; Rob Bunger; Stacy Huff, Executive Director – Saint Francis Foundation

Not Pictured: JP Peltier; Christy Parrish, Development Chair; Taylor Smith; Susan Tomlin, Secretary

2022 Executive Committee Members

  • President – Beth Keller
  • Vice President – Lindsay Bingaman
  • Past President – Todd Marchi
  • Secretary – Lindsay Bingaman
  • Treasurer – Matt Ewasko
  • Gala Chair – Nicole Nguyen
  • Gala Co-chair – Christy Farrow
  • Golf Tournament Chair – Blake Driskell
  • Golf Tournament Co-chair – Matt Ewasko
  • Ex-Officio – Laura Propst, Administrative Advisor

2022 Board Members

  • Corey Baker
  • Ryan Bandermann
  • Amy Blanton
  • Cindy Buessink
  • Rob Bunger
  • Ashlee Garland
  • Kimberly Likens
  • Shana Lynn
  • Grayson Ozbun
  • Christy Parrish
  • JP Peltier
  • Gordon Powers
  • Jessica Schmidt
  • Heather Short
  • Taylor Smith
  • Susan Tomlin
  • Matt Welker