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Rooftop garden statue

Children’s Rooftop Garden and Paver Program

Suggested by a surgeon, Saint Francis Medical Center built a rooftop garden just outside of the Children’s Center. The Children’s Rooftop Garden is a way for children and their families to relieve or lower stress during hospitalization. Sometimes, clinical sights and sounds can become overwhelming, and a place to go that is removed from them is very important. Also, there is often a lot of time to fill during hospitalizations, and listening to birds, looking at trees and flowers or even just staring at the clouds and sky can bring a welcome, healing distraction.

Sick children and their families go through a lot, physically and emotionally. Simply put, the Children’s Rooftop Garden outside of the Children’s Center provides a place of solace and distraction away from worry and anxiety for sick children and their families.

Paver Program

The Children’s Rooftop Garden features a peaceful paved walkway where patients, parents and visitors can take a quiet stroll as they reflect and heal. You have the opportunity to be an important part of this project by purchasing an engraved garden paver brick to remember or honor a special person or occasion. Commemorate the birth of a baby, make a memorial to a loved one or create a lasting legacy to someone special and ease the anxiety of those dealing with the illness of a child. Funds raised support the continued maintenance of the garden.

Donate to the Children’s Rooftop Garden

Make a donation or purchase an engraved garden paver brick to remember or honor a special person or occasion.