Charitable Gift Planning

Even a gift of one percent can impact patients and their families.

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Leave a Legacy

Many giving opportunities are available that allow donors to match their personal, family and business needs with their philanthropic desires. Saint Francis welcomes gifts of all sizes, types and arrangements through the Saint Francis Foundation.  Planned giving is a creative process that incorporates charitable giving strategies within your overall estate plan.

Charitable gift planning is an important decision for anyone, but many individuals mistakenly believe it is a complicated one. A planned gift often allows people to give more generously than they might have thought possible, often enhancing their financial situation with increased incomes and tax advantages.

Many misconceptions about charitable gift planning include:

Myth: Charitable gift planning will not allow me to leave as much to my children and family.
Fact: An estate plan can provide for children to receive their income/inheritance at the same time your charitable gifts are honored.

Myth: Charitable gift planning means I cannot save as much as I would like for retirement.
Fact: Some charitable gift plans have the potential to actually increase your retirement income.

Myth: Charitable gift planning is only for the wealthy and the retired.
Fact: A legacy pledge can be made by anyone for any amount.

Charitable gift planning enables you to give gifts of assets that benefit your family now and in the future by improving Saint Francis Healthcare System for many generations to come. Charitable gift planning also provide enhanced tax benefits and some return on income to you, our donor.

“My aunt, Irene Mammon, was a nurse at Saint Francis for 42 years, working at both the old and new hospitals and mentoring many nurses during her time there — she was the best nurse and aunt in the world. She did not have any children of her own and neither do I. One day, I woke up and wondered to myself, ‘What is my legacy … what difference have I made in this world?’ Because of our shared passion for education, I decided to set up my estate as a nursing scholarship fund in my aunt’s name — helping future generations of nurses and paying it forward. Deciding to give to Saint Francis Foundation has truly been the most empowering and uplifting choice I have made in my life. The feelings I have around this decision are so strong … it is hard to describe … I just know it was right for me because giving is so much more rewarding than receiving.”

– Dee Froemsdorf, Cape Girardeau

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Types of Gifts

Gifts can be for a specific amount or a percentage of the remainder of your estate. Gift-giving options include:

Beneficiary Trust

The distribution of life insurance proceeds and assets from IRAs, 401(k) s, pension plans and other retirement plans is governed by beneficiary designations. You should review beneficiary designations for these assets periodically to make sure they work with your other estate planning documents in pursuing your desired goals.


A bequest is a simple and uncomplicated way to help provide for the continued mission of Saint Francis Healthcare System. A bequest may be a specific sum, a percentage or the remainder of an estate and may consist of cash, securities, insurance proceeds, real estate and/or personal property. A bequest may be made through a will or living trust and should be directed to Saint Francis Foundation.

Charitable Gift Annuities

In the case of a charitable gift annuity (CGA), you make an irrevocable gift to the Foundation in exchange for guaranteed income for life. This is an irrevocable life income agreement with fixed payout based on age. A CGA is a simple contract between you and the Foundation.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance allow donors to make sizable gifts to the Foundation at a relatively low cost. To make such a gift, you would name the Foundation as an irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, then deliver and assign ownership of the policy to the Foundation. When you pay the annual premium, you will be entitled to deduct the amount of the premium if you itemize. Gifts of life insurance policies may offer estate-planning possibilities.


A trust is a gift plan that allows you to provide income to yourself or others while making a generous gift to the Foundation. The income may continue for the lifetime of the named beneficiaries or a fixed term not to exceed 20 years. When the trust ends, the remaining principal passes to the Foundation.

Lifetime Trusts can be irrevocable or revocable.

  • Irrevocable Trusts are typically used to make gifts during a lifetime, often to remove assets and the appreciation on them from one’s taxable estate. As of 2016, individuals may make cumulative lifetime gifts of up to $5.45 million without triggering gift taxes.
  • Revocable Trusts are typically used to hold financial assets and direct how they are to be distributed upon the grantor’s death. They may be structured to allow a trustee to manage the assets if the grantor becomes incapacitated.

Testamentary Trusts are created under a will and do not take effect until after death when the will is admitted to probate. Examples include bypass trusts, marital deduction trusts, marital/QTIP trusts and continuing trusts for children or other descendants.

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock and bonds are excellent ways to invest in the mission of the Foundation. Giving stock allows you to receive a full deduction of the entire value of the asset while avoiding capital gains taxes incurred if sold.


Checks may be made payable to Saint Francis Foundation.

Download the editable PDF Sample Language for Planned Gifts

The Heritage Society

Saint Francis Foundation created the Heritage Society in 1993 to honor friends who have remembered Saint Francis Healthcare System in their estate plans. These donors have made a special commitment to the mission of the Healthcare System through perpetual gifts, which touch present and future generations.

Download the editable PDF Heritage Society Form

The Heritage Society is open to any person or couple who:

  • Names Saint Francis as a beneficiary in a will, trust, life insurance policy or other estate-related plan
  • Makes an irrevocable life income plan or other planned gift that names Saint Francis as a beneficiary

The Heritage Society Members as of June 2021 include:

† Dr. Seth S. and † Ruth R. Barnes† Paul C. and † Dorothy Miles
Robert J. and Betty Basler† Clara D. Newnam Estate
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Bjelich† Larry and † Mabel Nowak
† James I. Bowman Estate† Evalyn C. Moore Nunley
† Lee George and † Kathryn CochranRobert J. and Dr. Adelaide H. Parsons
Jason G. and Casey Crowell† Opal Perkins
Rick and Rhonda Cuba† Andrew and † Beatrice Perrin
† Frances E. DanielGregory J. and Nancy Pleimann
Ralph and Linda Decker† Walter G. Renne
Cornelius and Barbara Fisher† Dr. Raymond A. Ritter Sr. and † Mrs. Lillian Ritter
Delphia A. FroemsdorfMr. and Mrs. L.R. Mickey Roper Jr.
† Walter A. and † Elsie FunkLeAnn Schneider
† Tillie Goetz† Joe Dan Schoolfield and Harriett Weeks Schoolfield-George
Kevin and Debra GoveroThomas and Debra Schumer
Mary L. Greaser† George and † Virginia Siebert
† Melvin M. and † Evelyn M. HaertlingKevin B. and Cindy Spaeth
† Mamie F. HallDale O. and Mary L. Spell
† Estate of Norman B. Harty† Alice Logan Temm
Dr. John K. and Judith HolcombMark and Barbara Thompson
† Alberta Jackson† Lucy Ellen Towse Estate
† Lillian Kies† Iva L. Welter
† Denis J. and Patricia LeGrand† Walter and † Mary Jo Westrich Estate
† Elmer and † Norma Lind EstateTom and Carolyn Wright
† Joseph E. and † Herriette H. McCrate
† Denotes Deceased

More Information

The Foundation will gladly assist you in finding possibilities that best suit your situation, and we will make the process of giving simple by working with you and your advisers. Should you desire, we will arrange a visit to the Medical Center during which you can meet members of our staff and see firsthand the important work we are doing to further our mission of providing a ministry of healing.

To set up a visit or discuss a donation, please call the Foundation at 573-331-5133 or fill out the form below.

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