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Emergency Care vs Urgent Care

When you’re experiencing a life-threatening condition, such as chest pains, a head injury or severe bleeding, the Emergency Department at Saint Francis Medical Center is your best option for medical care. However, if your situation is non-life-threating, such as a sprained ankle or a sore throat,... Read more

Prevent Infection in Emergency Department

When you visit the emergency department, you become exposed to many different viruses and diseases. However, if you take basic precautions, you can minimize your risk of infection when you or a loved one need emergency care. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after visiting the... Read more

ER Priorities

Most people who visit the emergency room do not have true emergencies, but rather "urgencies:" Injuries or illnesses that are not life-threatening, but need quick attention. Those include ankle sprains, cuts, high fevers and ear infections. In the ER, patients with true emergencies such as stroke, heart... Read more

“Scoring System” Helps ID Critical Patients

Modified Early Warning System (MEWS) is a tool Saint Francis Medical Center uses to help nurses identify patients who might need early intervention for declining clinical conditions. With MEWS, they are able to reduce “code blue” (cardiopulmonary) emergencies and call the hospital’s rapid response team more... Read more

Lesser-known Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Many people know that chest pain can often signal a heart attack. But few are aware there are many other, lesser-known symptoms of the No. 1 cause of death in the United States. “A heart attack occurs when the blood flow from the artery that brings oxygen... Read more

Emergency Room Video Shows Patients What to Expect

The Saint Francis Medical Center Emergency and Trauma Center treats every patient quickly. There may be times, however, when you are asked to wait. That is why we have created a waiting room video that explains what you can expect and how an emergency room works. “When... Read more

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

High temperatures during the summer can lead to heat stroke – a medical emergency. It can occur as a progression from fainting or heat exhaustion, or it can happen suddenly, even if you have no other signs of heat injury. Symptoms of heat stroke include: Nausea... Read more

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