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Orthopedic Institute

The Orthopedic Institute at Saint Francis Medical Center is the region’s trusted source in caring for sports injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments/cartilage, total joint replacement and revision surgeries, and other orthopedic conditions. Located in Cape Girardeau, our physicians provide general orthopedics and sports medicine services to patients throughout Missouri and Illinois, in addition to Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee.

The Center for Joint Replacement & Revision

In November 2007, Saint Francis introduced a new approach to the way it performs joint replacements with the Center for Joint Replacement & Revision – the premier option for total joint replacement in the region. The Center for Joint Replacement & Revision boasts an unprecedented patient experience in which patients are treated as healthy adults undergoing a procedure that will allow them to return to an active life, rather than as “sick.”

In addition to conventional total hip replacement surgeries, the Center now offers the anterior approach to total hip replacement. In this new, minimally invasive procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision in the front (anterior) of the hip. With this anterior incision, the surgeon can reach the hip bone through the natural gap between the muscles and does not have to detach and reattach other leg muscles.

Geriatric Fracture Program

Our Geriatric Fracture Program team specializes in returning hip fracture patients to the highest quality of living as quickly as possible. We also help with fall prevention, arthritis, joint pain, and other conditions.


Rehabilitation services offered at Saint Francis rival those offered elsewhere in the region. As the leading rehabilitation facility between St. Louis and Memphis, Saint Francis provides a complete continuum of care. Comprehensive physical therapy management includes inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services in orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular medicine and more, helping patients regain functionality quickly and effectively.

Sports Medicine

Saint Francis’ Sports Medicine program has been helping athletes since 1995. Led by a medical director with years of sports medicine experience and a team of trusted physicians, certified athletic trainers and licensed physical therapists, the program helps committed competitors and recreation enthusiasts recognize, recover from and prevent sports-related injuries — plus get the speed and strength they need to excel.


Depending on the specific Orthopedic injury, treatment may include medications, casts, splints, therapies or surgeries. The specialists at Saint Francis Medical Center’s Orthopedic Institute discuss available treatment options with patients to determine the best plan of care so they can live an active, functional life. Some advanced surgical procedures include:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction – This procedure uses a tendon from another part of the knee or from a tissue bank to replace the damaged ACL. Either metal or plastic screws hold the new tendon in place. The reconstruction is typically done arthroscopically.
  • Anterior Hip Approach – The anterior approach allows the orthopedic surgeon to reach the hipbone through the natural gap between the muscles without having to detach and reattach other leg muscles. This technique involves only a small incision on the front of the hip. Conventional hip replacement surgery requires a much larger incision on the side or back of the hip.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery – This surgery option allows quicker recovery and is less painful than traditional surgery. With arthroscopy, surgeons only make a few small incisions and use a small, flexible tube with a flexible camera to see inside a joint. It can be used to repair torn rotator cuffs, cartilage and ligaments, as well as injuries to the hands, wrists, elbows and ankles.
  • Bunion Removal – Bunion removal cuts away the deformity and repositions the muscles, tendons and ligaments to realign the joint. In severe cases, joint replacement or reconstruction may be necessary.
  • Carpal Tunnel Repair – This repair procedure typically uses endoscopic surgery (performed by making an incision over the ligament) to decompress the area around the median nerve. Approximately 80 percent to 90 percent of patients have permanent relief of their symptoms after carpal tunnel repair surgery.
  • Rotator Cuff Repair – Rotator cuff repair can include one of two types of surgery: open surgery, in which the repair is made through a large incision, and arthroscopic surgery, in which the repair is made through multiple small incisions.
  • Total Hip Replacement – Total hip replacement removes diseased bone tissue and cartilage from the hip joint. The joint ball and socket are replaced with new artificial parts that allow a natural motion of the joint. Surgeons may use a special “bone cement” to bond the new parts to the existing healthy bone. In other instances, a porous prosthesis is used that allows the patient’s own bone to grow into pores and holds the new parts in place.
  • Total Knee Replacement – Total knee replacement surgery removes the damaged parts of the shin and thigh bones and may include replacement of the knee cap. Metal and plastic parts are cemented or pressed into place, creating a new knee joint.
  • Knee and Hip Revision – Also called revision arthroplasty, this procedure is done to replace original, worn-out knee and hip replacement implants with new components. It is a more extensive and complicated procedure that requires mastery of difficult surgical techniques.

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For more information about the Orthopedic Institute at Saint Francis Medical Center, call 573–331–5593.

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